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Acute histopathological responses and long-term behavioral outcomes in mice with graded controlled cortical impact injury
《中国神经再生研究:英文版》2019年第6期997-1003,共7页Si-Yi Xu Min Liu Yang Gao Yang Cao Jin-Gang Bao Ying-Ying Lin Yong Wang Qi-Zhong Luo Ji-Yao Jiang Chun-Long Zhong 
the National Natural Science Foundation of China,No.81771332,81571184,81070990(all to CLZ);the Shanghai Key Medical Discipline for Critical Care Medicine of China,No.2017zz02017(to CLZ);the Key Discipline Construction Project of Pudong Health Bureau of Shanghai of China,No.PWZxk2017-23,PWYgf2018-05(both to CLZ);the Outstanding Leaders Training Program of Pudong Health Bureau of Shanghai of China,No.PWR12018-07(to CLZ).
While animal models of controlled cortical impact often display short-term motor dysfunction after injury,histological examinations do not show severe cortical damage.Thus,this model requires further improvement.Mice ...
Mycoplasma leachii causes bovine mastitis: Evidence from clinical symptoms, histopathology and immunohistochemistry
《农业科学学报:英文版》2019年第1期160-168,共9页CHANG Ji-tao YU De-bin LIANG Jian-bin CHEN Jia WANG Jian-fa WANG Fang JIANG Zhi-gang HE Xi-jun WU Rui YU Li 
funded by the Natural Science Fund Project of Heilongjiang Province of China (C201348);the grants from the Central Public-interest Scientific Institution Basal Research Fund,China (1610302016001);the National Science and Technology Program Topics of China (2012BAD12B03-3).
Twelve quarters of six lactating cows were inoculated with Mycoplasma leachii strain GN407 through intramammary ductal infusion;another 12 quarters were inoculated with heat-inactivated M. leachii culture medium as ne...
Time-effect relationship of acupuncture on histopathology, ultrastructure, and neuroethology in the acute phase of cerebral hemorrhage
《中国神经再生研究:英文版》2019年第1期107-113,共7页Zuo-Wei Li Xiao-Nan Zheng Ping Li 
This study was supported by a grant from the Tian- jin Science and Technology Commission, China, No. 05YFSZSF02600 (to PL). The funding body played no role in the study design, in the collec- tion, analysis and interpretation of data, in the writing of the paper, and in the decision to submit the paper for publication.
关键词:针灸治疗 组织病理 超微结构 出血 学说 时间 电子显微镜 模型组 
Isolation and Identification of Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida Species from Ruminants in Six Different Regions in Morocco
《农业科学与技术:A》2018年第6期398-405,共8页Ghizlane Sebbar Khalil Zro Faouzi Kichou Abdelkrim Fillali Maltouf Bouchra Belkadi 
Pasteurella species is considered the principal pathogen of the respiratory tract.Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida were investigated and typed from nasal swabs and tissues taken from sheep,goat and cat...
关键词:ISOLATION identification PCR Mannheimia haemolytica PASTEURELLA multocida HISTOPATHOLOGY Morocco. 
Efficacy of voriconazole on leishmaniasis by Leishmania major: An in vitro and in vivo study
《亚太热带医药杂志:英文版》2018年第10期562-569,共8页Ahmad Oryan Somayeh Bahrami Effat Bemani 
Objective: To appraise the activity of voriconazole against Leishmania major(L. major) in vitro and its effectiveness on wound regeneration in cutaneous leishmaniasis in BALB/c mice Methods: The IC50 of voriconazole...
Could intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging be feasible and beneficial to the evaluation of gastrointestinal tumors histopathology and the therapeutic response?
《世界放射学杂志:英文版(电子版)》2018年第10期116-123,共8页Hou-Dong Zuo Xiao-Ming Zhang 
Gastrointestinal tumors(GTs)are among the most common tumors of the digestive system and are among the leading causes of cancer death worldwide.Functional magnetic resonance imaging(MRI)is crucial for assessment of hi...
Acute and chronic toxicity studies of hydromethanol leaf extract of Helianthus annuus Linn.in rats
《亚太热带医药杂志:英文版》2018年第9期534-539,共6页Samuel O.Onoja Samuel C.Udem Aruh O.Anaga Isaac U.Asuzu 
Objective:To investigate the safety levels of hydromethanol leaf extract of Helianthus annuus Linn.(H.annuus) in rat.Methods:Acute oral toxicity test of hydromethanol leaf extract of H.annuus was conducted through u...
Comparative medical characteristics of ZDF‐T2DM rats during the course of development to late stage disease
《动物模型与实验医学(英文)》2018年第3期203-211,共9页Yun-Li Pang Jing-Wen Hu Guang-Long Liu Shuai-Yao Lu 
National Natural Science Foundation of China(No.81570749,81301073,81571254);National Science and Technology Major Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China(No.2017ZX09101003‐003‐008);Yunnan Natural Science Foundation(No.2013FB089);the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities(No.33320140083);the CAMS Initiative for Innovative Medicine(2016‐I2M‐2‐006);The Special Funds for High‐level Health and Family Planning Technical Personnel training of Yunnan Province(No.D‐201653,2017HB068).
Background:There are few reports on the comparative medical characteristics of type 2 diabetes models in late stage.An analysis of comparative medical characteristics of Zucker diabetic fatty type 2 diabetes mellitus(...
关键词:clinical indicators HISTOPATHOLOGY molecular expression type 2 diabetes MELLITUS ZUCKER DIABETIC FATTY RATS 
Changing role of histopathology in the diagnosis and management of hepatocellular carcinoma
《世界胃肠病学杂志:英文版》2018年第35期4000-4013,共14页Archana Rastogi 
Hepatocellular carcinoma(HCC)is one of the most common and fatal cancer in the world.HCC frequently presents with advanced disease,has a high recurrence rate and limited treatment options,which leads to very poor prog...
关键词:Hepatocellular carcinoma BIOMARKER BIOPSY HISTOPATHOLOGY IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY TARGETED therapy Molecular Diagnosis Prognosis 
近日,一项刊登在国际杂志Histopathology上的研究中(Zhou S, Venkatramani R, Gupta S, et al. Hepatocellular Malignant Neoplasm- NOS A Clinicopathologic Study of 11 Cases from a Single Institution 10.111 lhis.13297 )来...
关键词:肝脏肿瘤 鉴别 科学家 肝脏疾病 儿童医院 研究人员 人员开发 NOS 
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